Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The MDB Mania- 11/24/10

Hey all- at least this week I'm in a little better sports mood then a week ago lol. The Redskins pulled out through another close victory, but it so beats getting blown out at home. Them losing Clinton Portis for the season is going to hurt though, especially with protection for McNabb when the offensive line has been playing shaky the last couple games. They've got big games coming up the rest of the season and if they can pull out like 4 or 5 of the 6 games, then they have a shot of making it in the playoffs but they'll have to play strong and hope other teams like Philly,Giants,Bucs,Bears,etc. fall off and struggle

I'm sorry but I can't get into the whole Michael Vick love. I know he's changed his ways & has made strides to be a good person, but I still can't forget about what he did to the dogs a few years ago, and think its a matter of time before he starts getting figured out by other defenses and starts to struggle, and knowing how the Philly sports fans tend to whine, I'm just waiting for something to happen where they'll cry about being cursed again while they throw batteries at Vick or any Eagles lol

If you'd ask me today who I predict who'll play in the Super Bowl(barring what happens tomorrow), I can see it end up being the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. I think both teams are starting to get in a late season groove and can see a matchup of Brady Vs. Brees which I'd enjoy!

Something NBA related, I was watching the 4th quarter of the 76ers/Washington Wizards game last night & have been impressed by the young #1 pick of the Wiz, John Wall, out of Kentucky. This kid can ball and he's been proving it the first couple weeks. I don't see the Wizards being great this season, but I can see in 2-3 years time with them becoming a decent team in the NBA. More then anything...please change the name back to what I grew up on- The Washington Bullets! Hey it could happen, now that Ted Leonsis runs the team and I've noticed a few times being at the Verizon Center lately that they repainted the stairways there red and blue....coincidence? ;)

Here's my NFL picks for this week along with my gal friend Terri's picks & thoughts herself:

Thanksgiving Day:

New England Patriots(8-2) at Detroit Lions(2-8) -CBS 12:30pm

Mark's pick: Patriots
Mark's opinion: Not much to say about this one. If Matthew Stafford was playing, it'd be closer but NE just overmatches Detroit in talent

Terri's pick: Patriots
Terri's opinion: I am feeling very "Patriotic" this Thanksgiving...I am going with New England on this one!

New Orleans Saints(7-3) at Dallas Cowboys(3-7) -FOX 4:30pm

Mark's pick: Saints
Mark's opinion: I'm really just rooting for the Saints since my Fantasy QB Brees is playing and loathe the Cowboys lol

Terri's pick: Saints
Terri's opinion: Oh when the Saints...go marchin' in....oh when the Saints go marchin' in! :)

Cincinatti Bengals (2-8) at New York Jets(8-2) -Thursday Night Football on NFL Network)

Mark's pick: Jets
Mark's opinion: Not much to say about this one, but the Bengals could make this one surprisingly close too...figured since the Bengals are playing the Jets on Thanksgiving tomorrow night that I'd share this video I did from late February that included Chad Ocho Cinco(Bengals) & Darrelle Revis(Jets)

Terri's pick: Jets
Terri's opinion: I'm leavin' on a "Jets" plane...don't know when I'll be back again! :) Jets

Sunday 11/29

Minnesota Vikings(3-7) at Washington Redskins(5-5)- FOX 1pm

Mark's pick: Vikings
Mark's opinion: Not much I can say other then I hope the Skins can pull it out

Terri's pick: Redskins
Terri's opinion: Wishy washy on this one but I am going to say the Skins...Vikings should have fallen apart at this point.

Green Bay Packers(7-3) at Atlanta Falcons(8-2)- FOX 1pm

Mark's pick: Falcons
Mark's opinion: I find this matchup to be one of the top 3 hardest games to pick this week, but since its in Atlanta and Matty Ice is really good at home, I'm going with the Birds

Terri's pick: Falcons
Terri's opinion: My old address...ATL!

Jacksonville Jaguars(6-4) at New York Giants(6-4)- CBS 1pm

Mark's pick: Jaguars
Mark's opinion: I'm sensing another Giants late season collaspe...and the Jags are getting on a streak lately

Terri's pick: Giants
Terri's opinion: Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas City Chiefs(6-4) at Seattle Seahawks(5-5)- CBS 4pm

Mark's pick: Seahawks
Mark's opinion: Seattle is a good home team this year when Hasselbeck plays and as much as I'd like seeing KC win and think the Seahawks are boring, I think SEA will win this one

Terri's pick: Chiefs
Terri's opinion: I think the Chiefs are going to go all the way for some reason! Go Chiefs!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-3) at Baltimore Ravens(7-3)- FOX 4pm

Mark's pick: Ravens
Mark's opinion: Another one of my top 3 games thats hard to pick, but I'm going with Baltimore in a close one

Terri's pick: Ravens
Terri's opinion: Baltimore...geez, I am not being faithful to the Florida teams...maybe that's because I can't stand the heat and humidity anymore! :D

Philadelphia Eagles(7-3) at Chicago Bears(7-3)- FOX 4:15pm

Mark's pick: Bears
Mark's opinion: Its a matter of time before Vick has an average game

Terri's pick: Eagles
Terri's opinion: Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Diego Chargers at Indianpolis Colts(6-4)- NBC 8:20pm

Mark's pick: Colts
Mark's opinion: The Chargers are starting to get hot, but I think Peyton will cool them down this week

Terri's pick: Colts
Terri's opinion: Go Colts!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Turducken Day and enjoy all the food and football you can handle! :D

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