Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The MDB Mania- 9/29/10

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend, even if some games didn't turn out the way you hoped it would....I'll get into that a little later

I decided to go to a preseason hockey game last night with one of my best friends Alex since he mentioned the idea last week. Figured why not do something fun on a Tuesday night, so we went to DC for a Bruins/Capitals game and had a good time. What was a neat moment was during the game, me and Alex moved from the upper level down to the lower one, and met him with his mom and one of the Capitals star players Alexandar Semin, his mom. Her and Alex's mom are actually really good friends so I met her and also met Alexandar Ovechkin's dad as well too at the game...go figure!

I thought I'd do a first on here, and post a video exclusively for the blog from the here it goes! Sorry if the PA guy had to be a rude ball and try to talk over me here at times lol :D

Here's a few pics I took at the same game:


One more thing from the can't go wrong to get ready for a hockey season without a....HOCKEY FIGHT! ;)

All I can say about that Redskins game vs. the Rams this past Sunday was yeah......pretty bad. The thing about it is their offense didn't look that bad and McNabb played good, but the 3-4 defense has been really awful the last 2 games. I know that Sam Bradford is going to be a good QB in the years to come, but in his 3rd game of his NFL career, he shouldn't of been torching a team's defense already like he did to the Skins. Its weird since you'd think about how they shut down the Cowboys in the opening game of the season that the defense would have a great season, but ever since the Texans started the comeback last week to be the Redskins- its like as if the defense just started to lose any momentum from the Dallas game that they had

I watched the Dolphins and Bears games as well and they were both good games to watch. The odd trend I noticed with our favorite teams(Mines-Skins, Krista-Dolphins, & Jenn-Bears) was how each of our teams would start out a game trailing by double digits(14-0 deficits for Skins and Fins, and 10-0 deficit for the Bears). For a little while- I thought that there was going to be a "Curse of the BlogBino" for all our teams after this blog got started up last week lol. Good thing for the Bears that they prevented that from happening and were able to pull it out from the Packers. I thought with how Aaron Rodgers was driving the ball late in the game that the Packers were going to pull it out, but Urlacher made a great play on defense with stripping the football out of Packers WR James Jones's hands and gave the Bears a chance to win the game which they took advantage of. I have a feeling the NFC North race is gonna go down to the wire until the last week of the season

The games next weekend look like they will be interesting. McNabb returning to play against the Eagles......will the Bears & Steelers go 4-0? The Skins game at Philly will be a big game for Washington if they want to get some needed positive energy going. Vick has been playing lights out the last 2 weeks, but this will be his first divisional opponent he plays this season so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. If the Redskins actually beat Philly on Sunday and go improve to a "2-2" record, then I will post a picture of me wearing a TuTu- lol I'm being serious too :D I would be encouraged to see Donovan beat his former team though and their fans since I always thought the city of Philly treated him so bad. I know he didn't win them a Super Bowl, but you can't deny the fact that he took them to so many playoff games and NFC Title games and he is a good QB

I went 0-4 in my picks last week so not the best start but here's the 4 handpicked games of the weekend to pick from for winners:

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles- My pick: Redskins(but if the Eagles win, its not going to surprise me)
Chicago Bears at NY Giants- My pick: Bears(Giants have been looking undisciplined and not playing well as a team the last few weeks)
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins- My pick: Patriots
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers- My pick: Go Steelers(beat those Ratbirds! as my Uncle and diehard Steeler fan would say ;)

Thats all for this latest column from me, but am so happy to see this becoming a good place for all sports chat and friends to chit chat at! Great posts before me from Jenn the last few days(great work girl! :), and her sis Krista will soon join along with us, and looking forward to reading their future upcoming posts on here as well. Also would like to welcome my friends Fred, Jerry and Alex on joining the blog as commenters on our columns if they'd like to share any options to what me, Jenn and Krista write- as well as write guest columns from time to time(For ex, Fred doing a football column & Alex doing a hockey one from time to time). Things are looking on the up! Take care everybody :)

Marky Mark

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Top 4 picks...

Actually Mark, I am going to go with the Redskins as well. Krista, you're truely my sister but this week it's all about the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS, WHOO!!!! And as I was telling Mark the other day, I am still not over our Monday night loss to your little fishies in '85 to screw up our perfect season...and yes, I know it's been decades, WHAT EVER!!! Ahhh, HELLO!!! Bears, thank you very much!! And finally, the Saints will go marching home with a win....

Sports...what else?? College Football Baby!

Ok, let me just tell you all right now that I am just a fan and the teams that I like have meaning to me but will make no sense to the rest of the world.

For starters, Go Gators! Thats for my bf, who went to Florida, please Florida, move up in the polls this week, I don't like seeing you in 8th and 9th place. Go Badgers! At least you're near the top ten...I like that! Rock Chalk Jay Hawk, GO KU! I like that the coach is taking away your cell phones before the game, there is no need to be tweeting when it's 4th and goal and you are most likely trailing...we all know that basketball is where its at in Lawrence but lets show them we can play football there as well! Oh, and one last thing, can someone out there please explain to me how Ohio State is ranked 2nd?? They are the most overrated team in college football. When was the last time they had a really hard schedule and won a ligit title?? Enlighten me, please!

Now on to baseball...REALLY NY??? Can you please explain to me how the friggin Devil Rays are tied for first?? NOT COOL!! And down with the SF Giants!

And finally, the NFL....DA BEARS!!! Please beat the Pack on Monday Night Football when Zoe is watching the game with me, talking a bunch of smack on how they always beat us!! Channel some old school players, like Bronco Nagurski, Walton Payton (God rest his soul), and some other greats! Lets not forget that the last time I checked, Da Bears, have more Hall of Famers than any other NFL team!!! And thank you God for letting the 49ers lose again...please keep this streak going so I don't have to listen to their fans all season....

Friday, September 24, 2010

The MDB Mania- 9/24/10- The Debut Column

-Even Teddy Roosevelt is a new fan of the blog hehe :D

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the 1st post in whats going to be a very fun new blog to be a part of. I'll be sharing this blog along with my sports buddies(and sisters by blood ;) Jenn & Krista. This will be our sanctuary for all things sports and whatever else is up on our minds good and bad. On my side of things, my columns will be called the "MDB Mania". Now your wondering.....what the F does MDB mean lol- its the initals in my name(Mark David Bodek) so I figure I'll go with that

I had a good summer overall and did some fun sporting events while at it. I went to some Nationals baseball games in DC earlier in the summer before it got humid and uncomfy outside. Unfourtanately I missed all of Strasburg's games live, but sounds like he's gonna be another Mark Prior which is too bad since he was bringing alot of needed pub for the Nats. Hopefully the kid gets good surgery in the offseason and can recover from it and become an all star for the years to come

Lucky for me, since I live in the hometown where the Washington Redskins headquarters are in(Ashburn,VA)- during training camp season, Im able to drive only like a 3 mile ride over to their place. I only went once this year though since most of their practices would be early in the morning(I need my damn sleep too you know lol), but one time they had an afternoon practice on a Sunday and it was only 75 degrees, which for mid August is really comfy. I went ahead and checked out Donovan McNabb in his new uni and snaped a small vid:

I also went back up to New York City again in mid August to visit my older brother Erek, who lives out in Queens/Astoria,NY, and it was great seeing him again and catching up with him as well as enjoy the spirit of NYC. It was a fun trip and was able to go down to New Jersey a few times as well to meet up with my close friends Dawn Marie and Michele(Krista knows who they are through her friend Gail) I went down for a preseason game with the Pittsburgh Steelers(my #2 team behind the Redskins) and the NY Giants at the new Meadowlands stadium. The new stadium was pretty nice- had alot of HD screens all around the new digs and we got lucky with great seats considering how high up we were. Better then nothing right!

On Labor Day weekend- I went up the Redskins atadium to check out the Boise State/Virginia Tech college football primetime game on that Labor Day night. My friend that I went with to the game always is boasting nonstop to me about VA Tech, which made seeing them lose to Boise alot more enjoyable lol. That game was so fun and so loud too!

The NFL Season has been interesting so far and its only week 3! Even though they lost to the Texans last Sunday after having a 17 point lead, I still feel a hell lot better about my team then I did this time last year. I remember when they were 1-1 last year when beating the Rams at home- the fans booed since they looked awful in beating a bad Rams teams, and sure enough- last season was one of the most embarassing years ever to be a Redskin fan. Thankfully this year things are getting back to place with Coach Mike Shanahan and the new GM Bruce Allen to bringing respectiblity back to the burgandy and gold. How great was that opening night SNF game vs the Cowboys? OMG I was lol'ing alot when Dallas lost the way they did, and how alot of the Cowboy fans were shut up that night after talking so much smack about how their team will win the Super Bowl in far 0-2 and playing at Houston this Sunday......With me being a Redskins fan- I hate the Cowboys more then Jenn hates the Dolphins for beating the Bears on MNF in 1985 hehe ;) Thats how much I dislike Dallas!

I really hope they decide to do 18 game regular seasons in the future. 4 preseason games are too much and boring, I know it'll make the injuries and tolls on bodies go up- but if the NFL wants to make more money- its the thing they gotta do

I love the taste of Mug or A&W root beer........mmmmmmmmm :P

There should be a way to play awesome background music & activate slow motion after you've just completed something totally awesome

I'm thinking about a new fun idea on here where we all pick winners for the 4 key NFL games of the week, as well as a college football or a MLB game of the week, here's the games we can from for this week:

Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams - my pick: Redskins
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins - my pick: Dolphins
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears - my pick:Packers(sorry lol)
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints - my pick:Saints

For all the visitors of the new page- my 2 co-horts on here

-Jenn Sereque

-Krista Brennan

In case if anyone wonders how I started becoming close with them, I met Krista at the Wrestlers Rescue dinner in New Jersey 2 years ago and sat at the same table with her and her friends, and have been good friends with her ever since


The blog title stands for 3 different teams. Skins(Washington Redskins- my team), Fins(Miami Dolphins- Krista's team), and Bears(Chicago Bears- Jenn's team). I'm 26 going on 27 soon and been a Skins fan my whole life and remember the heyday of the 80s and 90s when the Skins were the team to beat. Both Jenn & Krista are sisters who grew up with the Bears teams of the mid 80s including the Super Bowl Shuffle team of 1985

Hope you all enjoyed the first post here on our new Skins, Fins, & Bears...Oh My! blog :) Its a work in progress, but lets make this a fun and happening place!

Marky Mark