Friday, November 5, 2010

The MDB Mania- 11/5/10

Hey everyone!

This has been a busy sports week indeed. World Series....week 1 of the NBA season....the NFL drama,etc.

I'll start off with that Redskins/Lions game. If you remember on my last posting here last week, I picked the Redskins to win but said that the Lions are a better team then their bad record, and sure enough they picked up the win over my team :( I don't know what it is about the St.Louis Rams & Detroit Lions- 2 teams who have been mediocre the last few seasons, but yet when they play the Redskins- they end up pulling out wins most of the time. I'll add onto what my brother Matt posted on here about the coaching move with Mike Shanahan benching Donovan McNabb. I have no idea what that was all about and the motivation behind it. Rex Grossman(the backup) is not a better QB(2 minute drill and all) then McNabb. With the upcoming weekend being the Redskins' bye week, the last thing they needed was pointless drama about the whole QB situation. On the other hand, I'm thinking if there's something behind that decision from Shanahan. Makes you wonder if he's trying to anger McNabb into playing more accurate & motivated the rest of the season. I do remember 2 years ago the last time McNabb was benched during a game- he wound up getting his team on a hot streak and was 1 quarter away from going to Super Bowl- so I wouldn't push the panick button on the Skins, there's still another 8 games left in the season. I'm actually happy that the Skins finally have a bye week since for once I won't have to be stressed watching a nail biter game lol, since all their games this season have gone down to the wire and no comfy games

Randy Moss as a Tennessee Titan? We'll have to see how that turns out but I don't think he's as good as he thinks he is. Vince Young isn't as consistant & good of a QB as Brett Favre & Tom Brady are, so I don't expect Moss to have that many big games this season. He's still better then the average WR though and with him and Chris Johnson on the same offense- that could become a hard offense for defenses to defend.

Congrats to the 2010 World Series champions San Francisco Giants on their World Series victory- to the vismal of my fellow SFBOM collegue Jenn lol ;)

I spotted this new ad on youtube that I saw on PTI on ESPN today where the city of Cleveland did a reply to Lebron James' new Nike commericial, I think its great since I think Lebron has too big of an ego & Lebron didn't have to be such a jerk about leaving Cleveland during the offseason:

For my NFL Picks this weekend, I'll go with the 4 best games on schedule for this Sunday/Monday along with picks from me, Jenn, Krista, Fred, and a few other newbie pickers here & I'll add and update all our picks throughout the weekend:

Sunday 1pm
(CBS)Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens

Mark: Fins - Miami has proven that they are a good road team this season and can see the Ravens having a letdown after their bye week

Jenn: Ravens

Krista: Fins


Terri: Ravens

New Jack: Ravens

Matt: Ravens

Mike: Ravens

Jerry: Ravens

(FOX)Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

Mark: Falcons- I think the Bucs are a young upcoming team but don't think they are an for real team when things are all set and done this season when their in the same division to the Falcons and Saints. Not to mention their blowout home losses to the Saints & Steelers showed me that the Bucs are lucky to be 5-2

Jenn: Falcons

Krista: Falcons

Fred: Bucs -Fred's "Upset of the Week"

Terri: Falcons

New Jack: Falcons

Matt: Falcons

Mike: Bucs

Jerry: Falcons

Sunday 4pm(CBS)
(CBS)Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia Eagles

Mark: Colts - Peyton is getting in the zone now and thats a dangerous thing for all defenses playing against him

Jenn: Colts

Krista: Colts

Fred: Colts

Terri: Colts

New Jack: Colts

Matt: Colts

Mike: Colts

Jerry: Colts

(CBS)Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Mark: Chiefs- look for the Chiefs running attack of Thomas Jones and Jammall Charles to bust some big runs on the Raiders and for Raiders QB Jason Campbell to throw some INTs

Jenn: Chiefs

Krista: Raiders

Fred: Chiefs

Terri: Chiefs

New Jack: Raiders

Matt: Chiefs

Mike: Raiders

Jerry: Chiefs

I went 1-3 last week while Jenn & Krista went 2-2, and Fred won the pack with a 3-1 record. For the rest of the season- I'm adding a few more of my close friends to make their picks on here as well who have contributed to the blog in someway!

On a last note for this column, wanted to recommend you all check out the Dan Patrick Radio show, on TV & radio. Its been airing on DirecTV's Channel 101 the last year but recently start airing nationally throughout the country. For all of my Florida friends, it airs on FOX Sports Net Florida from 9am-12pm weekdays ;) Dan Patrick is the best radio show personality out there and his show is so entertaining and funny to watch, what was ESPN's loss is NBC's and ours gain:

I changed the look of the blog too to make it more appealing looking. For the new viewers of the blog, if you'd like to see how this Skins, Fins & Bears...Oh My! blog journey started, click on the bottom of the page where it says "Older posts" or check out the first blog post on here from late September-

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the start of November!


Fred said...


I would like to start by reminding you, I went 3-1 last week, not 2-2.

I chose Saints (W 20-10), Dolphins (W 22-14), Colts (W 30-17) and Skins (L 37-25)

Just wanted to clear the air and set the RECORD straight. lol

Onto the whole McNabb benching. I hear what you're saying about McNabb being benched trying to spark better play...but really? In the final 2 minutes when you're trying to orchestrate a comeback? I don't know. I think Mike just panicked and made a crap call. I still believe the Skins will be a playoff team and am happy to see the Cowgirls in last place. The only hard time the Skins will have in winning this division will be the Giants. The Eagles are sorry as are Vick and Kolb.

Skins will make the post season, count on it. Stamped and sealed.

Mark B said...

I edited the picks thing, don't worry lol- I got ya covered ;)

I hope your right about the playoff prediction. Heck- even the Niners are only 2 games back in their division so you never know lol