Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The MDB Mania- 1/11/11

Hey everyone!

I figured it was time to have the first new blog posting of the year, and what better day to do it then on 1/11/11!

Last weekend in the 1st weekend of the NFL postseason was more nuts then I thought it would be. The Saints/Seahawks game wound up being a total shocker with the Seahawks pulling the upset. I was bummed about that because I really would of rather wanted to see the Saints play the Bears then the Seahawks, since it would of been a better game and I like Drew Brees, but give credit to Seattle. They played like they wanted to win, alot more then the Saints defense apparently.....geez- they made Marshawn Lynch look like Jim Brown in that last TD run they gave up!

I was way happy to see the Philadelphia Eagles lose another postseason playoff game. Their fans deserve it- stay classy Philly fans :D At this point, the NFC team that I'm rooting to see make it to the Super Bowl is the Green Bay Packers. I've always not minded Green Bay & Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QBs and now he's finally getting a chance to shine on the big lights of the playoffs after a win for the first time. At the same time the Atlanta Falcons aren't a team to sleep on either and play great at home. Matty Ice(Matt Ryan) is for real and I can see the winner of the GB/Atlanta being the Super Bowl team. I'm not convinced in the Chicago Bears(to the chargrin of a former co-blogger on here, who the blog is better off without her lazy & coward butt....but anyway lol)

As far as the AFC goes, I wasn't shocked to see the Jets win in Indy. I was rooting for the Chiefs to beat the Ravens- but Cassel played away and now the Ravens play another game against the Steelers. Here We Go Steelers Here We Go! Clap Clap. I still think New England is going to cruise into the Super Bowl and win it all, but if the Jets pull off the upset against them on Sunday- it wouldn't surprise me either

Here are my picks for this weekend's NFL Divisional Playoff games:


Gotta pull for the Steelers here. Pittsburgh has always been my #2 team behind the Redskins since my uncle has always been a Steeler fan

I'm gonna go with the upset and take Green Bay. I think they are getting on a hot streak roll & if the running game plays as good against the Falcons that they did vs the Eagles- its gonna be hard for Atlanta

Last week's win was a 1 week wonder & the Seahawks are a crappy road team- going with the Bears here


Can't go against Tom Brady in the postseason & its the Deion Branch factor! Pats all the way

Hope you all enjoyed my MDB Mania post this week & good luck to everyone on the SFBOM NFL Playoff picks this weekend!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 2010 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em Winner is.........

Terri Runnels!

Congrats Terri! You have proved that you are indeed the Football Swami of all of us this season :)

Here are the overall standings for the season:


Terri Runnels(1st Place)


Mark Bodek(2nd Place)


Alex Vlasov & Jerry Sorrentino(2 way tie for 4th Place)


Matt Bodek(5th Place)


Jenn Sereque(6th Place)


Mike Farabee
(7th Place)


Fred Laurence(8th Place)
(didn't give picks for Week 17)


Krista Brennan
(9th Place
(Didn't give picks for Week 13,14 & 17)

This one is for you Terri on the victory.....Hip Hip Hooray :D