Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Time of the Year :) the 2011 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em League lineup

Hey all!

Yay its back to the football grind time of the season.....whoooohooooo :) I wanted to welcome you all back to the Skins, Fins & Bears sports blog. Been a busy year but back to business now ;) This year I have finalized the 10 people who will be competing for the 2011 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em Championship. Here's a preview of who'll all be taking part in the picks this year...

Starting off, the defending champion of the regular season picks last season. She made the smartest choices & all the choices payed off into a winning 1st place! Folks & gal....Terri Runnels! :)

Next one is the man behind the scenes of SFBOM & who won the playoffs edition of the NFL Pick'Em last year....that is myself- Mark Bodek! :)

Here comes the 1st new addition to the SFBOM Pick'em this season. Straight outta Cali is the Jay Valen!

4th up- is one of my best friends for the last 11 years. Known this guy since high school & he's been to his fair share of sporting events over the years and deffo loves his football & Nascar.....its Mike Farabee!

5th- is another one of my best friends who took part in this last season as well in addition to Mike- he's a guy I've known since we took a sports marketing class some 10 years ago & has become another one of my best friends over the years that I've done alot of events with. He's russian & his name is Alex Vlasov! :D While at it, the 6th person is one of Alex's and my best friends- he also lives down in Florida, in FSU country. Florida State Seminoles diehard fan....Joe Morgan!(Joe is on the left, and Alex on the right here in the pink shirt on the left)

7th on the Pick'em list this year is another new addition to the NFL picks here this season. He wanted to join in last year but it was too late then, but now not too late ;) Its Rowdy Roddy Robinson

8th is another one of my longtime friends. Have known this guy for over 20 years & had a memorable weekend with him & my friend Christina in Atlanta back in March/April that we'll never forget....good & bad! He's a big Pennsylvania sports fan- he's Kevin Jacob!

9th is a guy that I've gotten to know well in the last year. A good all around guy from New Jersey- Jerry Sorrentino

10th is another one of my best friends that I've known for 10 years- huge long time San Francisco 49ers & Florida Gators fan..........YESSSSSSSSSS! he is Fred Laurence

The 11th person will be someone within my family ;) My oldest brother- Matt Bodek!

Last minute addition! Speaking of families involved in this....the man who raised an awesome daughter that we know as Terri & longtime football fan- its Terri's dad!(His picture to be added soon & until I have his picture, his picks on the right side will have the name "Terri's Dad")

The one big difference this season compared to last will be we'll pick the winners of each & every game every week this season. So instead of only picking the 4 best games of that week- we'll have to pick the winner of each & every 15-16 games a week. Get your popcorn ready because its time for our show! Good luck to all of you & may the best man or woman win!