Saturday, August 25, 2012

The 2012 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em Roster

Yay its back to the football grind time of the season.....whoooohooooo :) I wanted to welcome you all back to the Skins, Fins & Bears sports blog. Been a busy year but back to business now ;) This year I have finalized the 20 people who will be competing for the 2012 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em Championship. I'm not sure if 20 people will be good or too much, but lets all have it for fun & see how it goes! Here's a preview of who'll all be taking part in the picks this year...

The Defending 2011 SFBOM Regular season champion- Mark Bodek!
2010 SFBOM Regular season champion Terri Runnels!

Mike Farabee!

Alex Vlasov & Joe Morgan!)

Rod Robinson!

Fred Laurence!

Jenn Sereque!
2011 SFBOM NFL Playoff Co-Champion Justin Raynor!
-2011 SFBOM NFL Playoff Co-Champion Christina Minto!
Nickla "Babydoll" Roberts!
Kevin Jacob!
Bryan Holland!
Darius McCrary
Perry Saturn!
Danielle Ruffino!
Matthew Roblez!
Matt Bodek!

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