Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The MDB Mania- 11/17/10

Hey.....yeah there's much else I can saw about that Monday Night game other then how much of an embarassment that was. Normally I don't post sports talk radio stuff on here, but Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan here in DC is right on the money with his 12 minute long rant that shares the thoughts of all the diehard Redskins fans here who've had to put up with a Daniel Snyder ran franchise the last 10+ years...It's worth a listen. I miss having Jack Kent Cooke for an owner :( This rant is the best one I've heard in a long time because its so true...some of these pics used in the vid did make me laugh though I'll admit lol

Here's my picks for week 11 of the NFL picks:

Chicago Bears(6-3) at Miami Dolphins(5-4) -Thursday Night Football on NFL Network
My pick: Bears
My opinion: I think with the Dolphins losing Chad Henne & Pennington that its going to hurt them the rest of this season, & the Bears will pull it out

Oakland Raiders(5-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers(6-3)) -CBS 1pm
My pick: Raiders
My opinion: This is a pick I hope I'll get wrong but I read that the Steelers released Kicker Jeff Reed and signed up Shaun Suisham?! From experience, here comes some missed FGs ahead for the Steelers

Seattle Seahawks(5-4) at New Orleans Saints(6-3)- FOX 4:05pm
My pick: Saints
My opinion: Saints are coming off a bye week and I see them being motivated to finish the season strong

Indianapolis Colts(6-3) at New England Patriots(7-2)- CBS 4:15pm
My pick: Patriots
My opinion: I think NE got their mojo back last week and will carry it on

New York Giants(6-3) at Philadelphia Eagles(6-3)- Sunday Night Football on NBC
My pick: Eagles
My opinion: Yeah I'm not a fan of their fanbase, but the Eagles are playing strong and the Giants I don't think are as good as their record is


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