Friday, December 17, 2010

They make me sick!

What am I sick of? I am sick of being a Niners fan with this current regime. I am sick of it! We are one of the most prestigious DYNASTIES in the history of this league! Only one team has more Superbowl victories than we do! Now we are left to watch this steaming pile of crap every week wearing red and gold. They need to take that SF logo off the side of the helmet! This sorry group that trots on the field every week should be embarrassed.

We have a ridiculously talented roster. Michael Crabtree, Josh Morgan, Vernon Davis, Brian Westbrook, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Ted Ginn, Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Parys Harralson, Takeo Spikes, even the overpaid Nate Clements! Patrick Willis is the BEST linebacker in football! Period! Gore is a top 5 RB every year! Crabtree got paid a ton of money as did Clements! Why are we looking at a 7-9 record at BEST???? Watching this group is like watching the Harlem Globetrotters playing against a team of 8 year olds in wheel chairs! It’s embarrassing!

Since we last went to the playoffs in 2002, we let Jeff Garcia go, Terrell Owens go, foolishly stuck by Alex Smith for 6-7 years, had a list of QBs that consists of Alex Smith, Troy Smith, Trent Dilfer, Shaun Hill and Ken Dorsey. We hired Dennis Erickson as our coach though he had never coached an NFL team to a winning record, then followed up by hiring Mike Nolan and firing him for Mike Singletary who has never coached a team before. We have been through 8 offensive coordinators in 8 years. We have overpaid rookies who have a broken foot and were no guarantee to be 100% at the start of the season. We have overpaid veterans whose best years are behind them. We have chosen a QB #1 instead of a guy who has passed for just about or over 4,000 passing yards EVERY YEAR and was good enough to replace Brett Favre! We drafted the best LB in football and then did nothing to set a defense around him. The sorry sacks of garbage that took the field tonight against the San Diego Chargers have tarnished this once fine dynasty. If the 49ers run the table they will finish 7-9…three years in a row!

Since losing to the Bucs in the playoffs in 2002 the 49ers yearly record has gone as follows:

2002: 10-6 (Steve Mariucci is fired after a playoff berth and a Wild Card round win)
2003: 7-9 (Dennis Erickson’s first year)
2004: 2-14
2005: 4-12 (Mike Nolan’s first year)
2006: 7-9
2007: 5-11
2008: 7-9 (Mike Singletary’s appointed HC when Nolan is fired midseason)
2009: 7-9
2010: 5-9 (as of Week 15)

The Yorks need to go! At least Daniel Snyder is making moves to make the team better…the team just under performs. The Yorks are jeopardizing this franchise. They hire bad coaches, bad general managers, draft mostly bad players! I’m sick of every season feeling like we have a solid team only to be slapped in the face! This team is a disgrace! Fire Mike Singletary, FIRE our entire coaching staff! Fire the following players:


This group needs to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team DOES move to LA. They don’t deserve to be called the San Francisco 49ers. The San Francisco 49ers are a proud dynasty that won 5 Superbowls, dominated the 80’s and shared domination of the 90’s with the Cowboys! They changed the uniforms to resemble throw backs…pshh…take those off! You aren’t even CLOSE to the men who wore those uniforms! We paid Nate Clements (a Buffalo reject) $80 million!!!!! What has he done other than get burned deep for TDs? We paid Crabtree millions without taking an NFL snap. He has been mediocre. The only teams we can beat are the crappy teams in our crappy division!

I have a $700 flat screen HD TV…and I want to throw something through it with every play I watch these sorry excuses for football players. I would rather drink Drain-O than watch these bumbling idiots attempt to cross the goal line! I get sick of defending these morons and finding excuses for them!

“Ohh…but Alex Smith has had 7 offensive coordinators in 7 years! Boo HOO!”

“Well, the defense can’t do everything. They spend so much time on the field, they are gassed out by the end of the game.”

“Alex Smith has no O-Line.”

“The refs are calling a crappy game!”

“Frank Gore can’t get any blocking!”

“Crabtree missed ¼ of the season so he hasn’t had time to build chemistry.”

“Well, Clements is our only good corner, he can’t do everything!”

It’s OLD! OLD! Let’s go sign the entire 1981 team…I’ll bet they outplay these fools! Excuses excuses! You SUCK! Every single player on this field SUCKS! I don’t care if you’re Frank Gore or P. Willis! You all SUCK! Peyton Manning has NOBODY receivers…and plays well! The Steelers offense is stale and predictable and that defense still plays all 60 minutes! Terrell Owens is a top 5 receiver with no help around him! The Bucs have NO TEAM and they have a winning record. The Jets have a QB that played one year of college and they are among the top teams in the league! Philip Rivers was throwing to 10th string WR’s and is the 2nd best QB this year! WHAT IS OUR EXCUSE! THERE ARE NONE! I’M DONE WITH EXCUSES! Mike Singletary sucks! His playbook is 3 pages thick! It’s like watching a 7 year old play Madden! MIKE…FLIP THE PAGE ON THE PLAY BOOK! Run on 1st down, run on 2nd down, shotgun pass on 3rd down, punt. Punt, punt, punt punt, INT, INT, punt, fumble, INT, punt, punt, FG, punt, punt, punt, TD oh no…wait…we’re undisciplined and committed a penalty, let’s take the TD back. It makes me want to vomit!

The refs are awful but honestly I’m done scapegoating them. DONE! The 49ers suck and it’s embarrassing! Lions fans think they have a right to complain? You have never even remotely been respectable so you have no reason to have any expectations. Bengals fans? Your franchise has also been awful for most of it’s existence. The 49ers are a dynasty with more HOFers than you can name! We have pride and devotion! This is pathetic.

For the first time in my 25 years of being a 49ers fan, I can honestly say this is the first time that I have stopped watching a 49ers game. The game was on, but I stopped watching to begin writing this blog. This is the sorriest group of players I have ever seen. They should be docked their pay for the season so I can be refunded EVERY penny I have spent on Niners gear! I have worn my Niners gear for the last 8 years with pride while I was chastised and ridiculed for it! I proudly claimed to be a Niners fan while I was accused of knowing nothing about football because I liked a crappy team! I bought 2…count ‘em…2 AUTHENTIC Frank Gore Jerseys (1 Red Home, 1 White Road) right in the middle of their 5-11 season! So screw you Jed York and your entire organization! I was a 23 year old paying you rich fools $400 of my hard earned money because I supported you as you threw money down the drain! I had to suffer through the snickers and the jeers. I had to watch helplessly as you fired Jeff Garcia and decided to go with Ken Dorsey! I sat back and my jaw dropped as you fired Steve Mariucci and hired Erickson! I watched as you let Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger, Matt Cassel, Drew Brees, Chad Pennington and several other QBs sign with other teams! I watched as players like Randy Moss hit the free agent market and you did NOTHING! I take that back, you traded for players like Darrell Jackson! You are sickening to watch! You embarrass me! You make me ashamed to wear your organization on my body! You embarrass me so much I don’t even want to choose you in Madden…where I am phenomenal and can lead the 49ers to a 16-0 record on All-Madden! You suck.

A reporter had the nerve, after our 34-7 embarrassment against the Chargers, to ask Mike Singletary the following question:

“Umm…Mike…this is not the first time this season you have followed a win with an extremely lop-sided loss. Is there anything, can you place your finger on anything in particular that is to blame?”

REALLY? REALLY? How about we suck! Terrible. We can’t score in the redzone, we can’t get 1st downs, we can’t force 4th downs on defense, we NEVER return kicks or punts for TDs, we constantly start drives inside our own redzone, our opponents constantly start drives near or beyond midfield, our corners can’t stop the deep pass and when they can…short passes go the distance. I don’t have the patience nor do you to go through EVERYTHING that is wrong with this team! I am tired of supporting a team that doesn’t try! There are teams with worse records than the 49ers that put up more of a fight when they lose. We are the MOST BLOWN OUT TEAM this year! Suck! The Niners SUCK! Don’t let these morons tarnish this franchise for 2 more games! Give us a 5-11 record and don’t let them take the field! It’s pathetic. I’m done! I can’t deal with these fools any longer!

You are an embarrassment to me, 49er Nation, the NFL and anyone dumb enough to leave your games on for more than 3 minutes! You disgust me!

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Mark B said... go tell em Fred! & and I thought I was frustrated as a Redskin fan- now I don't feel as bad lol. In all honesty- I can feel your pain with seeing your favorite organization struggle when they have expectations. I'm not sure how Matt Cassell would do on their team though since I remember you telling me awhile ago that you thought he was good since he's a system quarterback

Hey who knows- maybe they'll get lucky the last 2 games and get into the playoffs and get a upset never know- the NFL can be crazy like that