Sunday, December 12, 2010

The MDB Mania- 12/12/10

Hey crazy people! :) Christmas season is only getting closer and closer- and with that means a few gifts that I would like to open up to hope for happening the next 2 they are!

1)The Redskins go on a 2 game winning streak and somehow beat Tampa Bay and Dallas

Hey you know what, maybe them suspending Haynesworth the rest of the season will end up making them have a less distraction and play better, plus I just wanna see them at least finish with a better record then Dallas!

2)The Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West

I've always liked KC and their uniforms and stadium. They have a very good running game and not to mention one of them has been my fantasy football stud the last 2 seasons(Jamall Charles). I've gotten bored of San Diego(and the always yappy Phillip Rivers) winning the division title every year so it'd be nice to see a new team win this season. Hopefully Matt Cassel's impromptu health situation won't eventually cost them a playoff spot but we'll see what happens

3)The Chicago Bulls & New York Knicks slowly getting better and better.

I know thats a random one, but it'll be great for the NBA if those 2 teams can start becoming decent teams again. Yeah...its not the same without Jordan,Pippen and Ewing- but you know the NBA loves it when their New York City team is doing good. Not to mention, it'll give me a reason to finally go to a Knicks game next time I'm visiting my brother in NYC lol

For the rest of my Christmas sports related wishes, I'll post them in my new post next week. Until then, here's some predictions in my buddy's latest enstallment of the "Terri-fic Thoughts"

Green Bay Packers(8-4) at Detroit Lions(2-10) 1pm FOX

Going with the Cheeseheads!!!!!

New York Giants(8-4) at Minnesota Vikings(5-7) 8pm

I want NY but I am afraid Minnesota is going to win!

Oakland Raiders(6-6) at Jacksonville Jaguars(7-5) 1pm CBS

Jax...but I am afraid Oakland will pull it off.

St. Louis Rams(6-6) at New Orleans Saints(9-3) 4pm FOX


Seattle Seahawks(6-6) at San Francisco 49ers(4-8) 4pm FOX

Going with a favorite from my high school days...Seahawks!

New England Patriots(10-2) at Chicago Bears(9-3) 4:15pm CBS

Pats again...though it will be a close one I think!

Kansas City Chiefs(8-4) at San Diego Chargers(6-6) 4:15pm CBS

Chiefs ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Bowl!!!

Miami Dolphins(6-6) at New York Jets(9-3) 4:15pm CBS

NY Jets!

Philadelphia Eagles(8-4) at Dallas Cowboys(4-8) Sunday Night Football on NBC- 8:20pm

Michael or Mike whatever you want to call him. I think he has seen the error of his ways and is re-ignited to do a great job! Eagles!

Baltimore Ravens(8-4) at Houston Texans(5-7) ESPN Monday Night Football 8:30pm

Baltimore....if not for any other reason...they have "Sabatinos"!!!

You may of notice that I've added a new Poll question on the top right of the page. I'd like to know which higher ranked(at the moment) AFC team that you want to see end up in the Super Bowl if you have to choose? Also, all of me and my friends picks for the upcoming Sunday/Monday of NFL games are down on the right side of the page as you'll scroll down. Have a good mid December week ahead everybody! :)


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