Monday, October 11, 2010

The Furby Farabee- 10/11/10

Week 5 turned out to be a crazy week. We no longer have any unbeaten teams in the NFL The experts i'm sure are kicking themselves for saying that the cowboys would be the first team ever to make a super bowl played in their home stadium, with a record of 1-3 as we have just eclipsed the quarter mark of the season, its looking highly unlikely.

There is nothing normal about this NFL season has gone thus far. usually by week 5 the playoff picture begins to shape ever so slightly, just enough to were we can tell what teams have no chance, what teams have a 50/50 and what teams have a great chance. This season however, that is not the case. If the 1st quarter of the season is any indication on what the remaining 12 weeks have in store, its going to be one of the craziest seasons in the history of the NFL. There is no one team dominating the league right now, teams that should have lost, have won and vise versa.

The NHL season is officially a week old, nothing of note has happened yet as it is still way to early.

The NBA preseason is underway, while i personally do not care for the NBA (And havent for many years) for the topic of conversation I will say this....It will be interesting to see what adjustments teams have made in the off season, and hopefully come June we will have someone other then the Lakers representing the Western Conference

MLB Post-season is in full swing, and I'm glad the braves are done!

NASCAR's Chase for the cub is nearing the final races of the season. Saturday night they will be rockin and rollin down in Concord, NC for the Bank of America 500 will Jimmie Johnson continue to lead the chase? Or Will Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick continue to give Johnson a run for his money? Anything can happen.

College Football is nearing its halfway mark as well, however just like the NFL it has been a topsey turvey season there as well. Alabama's lost this week really caused a shakeup in the standings, while there are still a few more weeks before the BCS standings begin, how teams are rated in the AP and Coaches top 25 polls most certainly affect the "computers" rating of them.

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Mark B said...

good write up Mike! Was surprised you see you post tonight! I'm happy too the Braves are gone from the playoffs :) Its gonna be an unusual NFL season too- I feel it