Thursday, October 21, 2010

The MDB Mania- 10/21/10

Hey everybody! Figured it was time for a new post. I had a fun weekend up in the northeast that I'll get into on my new column here next week since I'll be doing an event in Atlantic City this weekend & will do a report,pics & vids describing both my weekends in New Jersey

With the baseball playoffs in full steam- so far its looking like my pre LCS series picks are doing good with the Rangers & Giants both leading their series's at the moment. There's no doubt that San Fran and Texas are 2 good teams who are pretty talented in different fascets of the game. The Rangers have the offense bat power while the Giants have alot of pitching power. For me, it'd be nice to see them since the Yankees are about always in the World Series every year & the Phillies have been in the last 2 years, so it'd be fresh blood in the big baseball series. It's hard not to root for Josh Hamilton too. His long road story to go from phenom to alcoholic to a rejuvinated sober superstar has been a story worthy of a future movie done about him. I saw a story done on him on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, & after watching that- if he wins the World Series this year.....he deserves it so much

Like I predicted in my post on here last week, the Colts wound up winning over the Redskins. I knew Washington was in trouble as soon as Carlos Rogers dropped an easy intereception & then how Peyton Manning was rushing the playcalling and confusing the Skins defense easy. I was surprised that the game was as close as it was, but shows that this year's Redskins are no slouch, even with a 3-3 record and will fight through alot of games. Even with a loss- they are building alot of character, and having Donovan McNabb as the QB brings alot of leadership and experience. Yeah....he has his faults, but he brings alot of positives too. Who would of thought that a Anthony Armstrong would become a WR threat?

The whole deal with the NFL hard hits has been interesting to witness over time. I know alot of the football players & enthusants don't like the new rules the NFL has enforced to help players safety, but these guys need to realize if they want to have a long life after finishing their careers- its only going to help them in the long run. No need to feel like you have to be all macho just because you feel tough enough to pound someone's head out into getting a concussion. Some people don't know this, but the whole awareness about the lasting effects of football players who get concussions all got started from the investigative reports done on the Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel show 3 years ago, and it was former WWE wrestler & Harvard graduate Chris Nowinski who got the ball running with it:

I know football is an hard hitting sport, and alot of people love the big hits, but the last thing I would like to see happen in a future game is someone end up getting killed from a blow to blow helmet hit to the head. Hopefully the new rules will help save lives & still make the game of football a great game to play and watch as a fan

For my NFL picks this week, its gonna be interesting since 2 of the 3 names for our blog title will play each other(Skins at Bears), so it's gonna be a fun weekend

Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears: I'm gonna go with my team, the Redskins(sorry Jenn lol). I think Cutler is in a middle of a funk & that he's gonna find a way to turn the ball over at the worst time

Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins: Steelers- With Big Ben back, I think they are a even better team & Miami seems to struggle at home more this season then the road for some reason

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers: Vikings- I think GB is in a middle of a cluster and injuries are catching up to them. I can see Favre even with his current off the field problems going through a rebirth in a way this season now that he has Randy Moss to throw to, and its a matter time before we start seeing Favre to Moss bombs daily every week this season

Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans: Titans- Tennessee isn't no slouch either & this is gonna be Philly's first true test on the road this season with a decent team and think their gonna have trouble with Chris Johnson. Btw- thanks Chris for making me lose both of my fantasy league games last week on that one last TD run last Monday night...ugh lol- I love fantasy football, but there are times like that when you can't stand having bad luck playing it every once in awhile!

Until then, its time for me to head off to Atlantic City tomorrow for 3 days for a fun fun time! Have a enjoyable weekend everybody! & Who's got a wet towel? hehe :D

Marky Mark


Jerry said...

Hey Mark, great blog!! I wanted to shed some light on the NFL And MLB.....I still have faith in the Yankees, they always play good ball with their backs against the wall....hopefully they will prove me right!! I believe the Giants will beat Philly Like I had mentioned in my blog in the beginning of the playoffs!! I would still love to see a NY vs former NY team go at it in the World Series...

I believe James Harrison plays dirty. He goes for the helmet to helmet and I can't justify that. But this rule with the fines and suspensions is like oh well you might as well put flags on me and play flag football. Alot of hits are legal and I feel the players will hesitate to hit someone now. Don't get me wrong helmet to helmet is wrong and they should be suspended as well, But I just don't get why Harrison has to full force do that.

Atlantic City will be a blast! I look forward to your blog on your trip there! So many superstars in a convention that draws over 10,000 people a day!! Hopefully it will be a big hit!!!! Great article Mark!!

Fred said...


I have to agree with Jerry on the helmet to helmet hits. These players make a bajillion dollars and know the risks of playing. I agree there are dirty players who take dirty shots, but we are getting to the point where we are going to have to put pink jerseys on every player and change from pants to skirts. This is stupid. If it can be determined that you intentionally gave someone a helmet to helmet pop...sure, fine or suspend for multiple violations. Problem is, they invented the helmet because players would not only hit their head on the ground, but also because there will always be unintentional contact with the head in this great game of football. It's a truth of the game, period. How many times have we seen a player lay a GREAT, legal hit to a guys upper body and because of the force of the impact the defender slides upward and hits the ball carriers helmet with his own? Things happen. Baseball pitchers accidentally get hit with line drives, are we going to install safety glass for them? Or maybe use the nets they use in practice. Soccer players get hurt, hockey players get hurt, basketball players get hurt. It's the nature of physical activity. Accidents happen. Why should the majority of the league that plays fair be penalized because there are dirty players like Harrison and Porter? There will always be accidents, but if we continue to push in the direction we're headed, the game will lose its fan value. The system we have works. Throw a flag if it was unintentional, fine or suspend them if it was clearly intentional. Defenders and O-lineman grab facemasks all the time. You can break someones neck, killing or paralyzing them when you yank that mask. That is probably the most missed penalty. No one's screamin about that.

Far as the MLB playoffs go, I hope the Rangers take the Yanks. I HATE NY teams. Reality is, the Yankees will win this thing. They are the Yankess. I agree Mark, I am sick of seeing the Yankees and the Phils in the WS. Go Texas, go SF!