Monday, October 11, 2010

The MDB Mania- 10/11/10

Hey everyone! I'm glad to hear that we have some new members to the blog who'll be able to add comments to our blog postings on here. If any of you would like to be able to post on the blog- send me a email at & I'll hook you up!

I'll start this column out with talking a little about college football. I've been hearing about how the #1 and #2 teams should be teams like Oregon and Ohio State, but get tired of all the crap talk about how Boise State & TCU are small schools who don't deserve to play in the BCS Title game. I guess those same people didn't see what Boise State could do when they beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl & beating Oregon last year and TCU destroying some big name conference schools. As someone who saw Boise State play in person last month when they beat Virginia Tech near DC(the background for the title pic up top here on the blog), I don't see why Boise State can't play in the BCS Title game in January. Boise State is one of the most fun teams in college football, I mean yeah that blue turf always makes me go half blind whenever I watch a game from there in HD lol- but they are no joke. Teams like Ohio State and Alabama...I don't know, just something about those teams has always bored me. Go Boise and TCU!

Moving on to the NFL- yay Washington Redskins! :) They gutted it out and stayed in the game with the Green Bay Packers, but unlike all of their other games this season- they actually turned up the offense in the 2nd half instead of the 1ast, and the defense definately stepped it up and all their hard hits and not quitting payed off. The home game with the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning next week is gonna be another tough one and I have a feeling that Peyton is gonna torch up the Skins defense- but am hopeful that they find ways to win again and up to 4-2 and stay atop of the NFC East!

I've been watching the MLB Playoffs too and just saw the Giants beat the Braves. Congrats Giants! If I had to choose a World Series I'd like to see most- it would be the Rangers vs. Giants. I think that would be a fun matchup to watch and that Josh Hamilton's story from addiction to glory would be a great thing to witness.

For the 4 NFL games next weekend that I'll go for with predictions for these games:

Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins: Hate to say it, but I think the Colts are gonna be hungry to get their first road win of the season- here's to hoping I'll be wrong with this pick!

Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers: Raiders(as long as Alex Smith stays in, they don't seem to have much hope left in the season)

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots: Pats(I think having a bye week is going to help them prepare for the Ravens D)

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles: Falcons(They are a for real 4-1 team and I can see them lasting pretty good into the playoffs)

One last thing to end this column, if there's one word to put you in a better mood........YAHTZEE!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :D

Marky Mark

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