Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The MDB Mania- 9/29/10

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend, even if some games didn't turn out the way you hoped it would....I'll get into that a little later

I decided to go to a preseason hockey game last night with one of my best friends Alex since he mentioned the idea last week. Figured why not do something fun on a Tuesday night, so we went to DC for a Bruins/Capitals game and had a good time. What was a neat moment was during the game, me and Alex moved from the upper level down to the lower one, and met him with his mom and one of the Capitals star players Alexandar Semin, his mom. Her and Alex's mom are actually really good friends so I met her and also met Alexandar Ovechkin's dad as well too at the game...go figure!

I thought I'd do a first on here, and post a video exclusively for the blog from the here it goes! Sorry if the PA guy had to be a rude ball and try to talk over me here at times lol :D

Here's a few pics I took at the same game:


One more thing from the can't go wrong to get ready for a hockey season without a....HOCKEY FIGHT! ;)

All I can say about that Redskins game vs. the Rams this past Sunday was yeah......pretty bad. The thing about it is their offense didn't look that bad and McNabb played good, but the 3-4 defense has been really awful the last 2 games. I know that Sam Bradford is going to be a good QB in the years to come, but in his 3rd game of his NFL career, he shouldn't of been torching a team's defense already like he did to the Skins. Its weird since you'd think about how they shut down the Cowboys in the opening game of the season that the defense would have a great season, but ever since the Texans started the comeback last week to be the Redskins- its like as if the defense just started to lose any momentum from the Dallas game that they had

I watched the Dolphins and Bears games as well and they were both good games to watch. The odd trend I noticed with our favorite teams(Mines-Skins, Krista-Dolphins, & Jenn-Bears) was how each of our teams would start out a game trailing by double digits(14-0 deficits for Skins and Fins, and 10-0 deficit for the Bears). For a little while- I thought that there was going to be a "Curse of the BlogBino" for all our teams after this blog got started up last week lol. Good thing for the Bears that they prevented that from happening and were able to pull it out from the Packers. I thought with how Aaron Rodgers was driving the ball late in the game that the Packers were going to pull it out, but Urlacher made a great play on defense with stripping the football out of Packers WR James Jones's hands and gave the Bears a chance to win the game which they took advantage of. I have a feeling the NFC North race is gonna go down to the wire until the last week of the season

The games next weekend look like they will be interesting. McNabb returning to play against the Eagles......will the Bears & Steelers go 4-0? The Skins game at Philly will be a big game for Washington if they want to get some needed positive energy going. Vick has been playing lights out the last 2 weeks, but this will be his first divisional opponent he plays this season so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. If the Redskins actually beat Philly on Sunday and go improve to a "2-2" record, then I will post a picture of me wearing a TuTu- lol I'm being serious too :D I would be encouraged to see Donovan beat his former team though and their fans since I always thought the city of Philly treated him so bad. I know he didn't win them a Super Bowl, but you can't deny the fact that he took them to so many playoff games and NFC Title games and he is a good QB

I went 0-4 in my picks last week so not the best start but here's the 4 handpicked games of the weekend to pick from for winners:

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles- My pick: Redskins(but if the Eagles win, its not going to surprise me)
Chicago Bears at NY Giants- My pick: Bears(Giants have been looking undisciplined and not playing well as a team the last few weeks)
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins- My pick: Patriots
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers- My pick: Go Steelers(beat those Ratbirds! as my Uncle and diehard Steeler fan would say ;)

Thats all for this latest column from me, but am so happy to see this becoming a good place for all sports chat and friends to chit chat at! Great posts before me from Jenn the last few days(great work girl! :), and her sis Krista will soon join along with us, and looking forward to reading their future upcoming posts on here as well. Also would like to welcome my friends Fred, Jerry and Alex on joining the blog as commenters on our columns if they'd like to share any options to what me, Jenn and Krista write- as well as write guest columns from time to time(For ex, Fred doing a football column & Alex doing a hockey one from time to time). Things are looking on the up! Take care everybody :)

Marky Mark

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Fred said...

This weekend was a great football weekend even though my team lost (Niners 0-3) :( A few things surprised me. I really felt the Niners would beat the Chiefs. Not only did they lose, they got killed. The Niners corners just can't keep up with speedy receivers, evident in the Saints and Chiefs games. The Cowboys surprised me. They have a lot of talent but underachieving is their personal stamp. I really felt the Texans would handle that game, but I still feel that a loss to Dallas doesn't make them any less a contender. I still feel the Texans will make the playoffs this year. I was not surprised to see the Falcons beat the Saints. Short week, tough win against the Niners last Monday and a really good Falcons team. Not surprised at all to see the Saints sign their 46 year old ex-kicker. Hartley has been a heart attack risk for the Saints.

Honestly what surprised me the most was the Bucs. Granted they lost, but I saw most of the first half of the game and the Bucs offense looked pretty good. Josh Freeman looked solid staying in the pocket, making reads, checking down and if nothing was there taking off. The kid has a cannon for an arm and if the Bucs can settle down and play mistake free football, Freeman can take them places.

Mark, far as the Skins go, I think they take it this weekend. As I have already made clear to you, I think the Eagles are pretenders. The Skins defense is fast enough to keep Vick's ground numbers minimal and to put enough pressure to force ill advised throws. I think the Skins are a playoff team because of McNabb and the Eagles became a sub-.500 team because McNabb left. We'll see. the picks:

Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles
My pick: Washington Redskins

See my above comments. Vick will have a decent day but I still think the Skins are a playoff team. Shanahan is a damn fine coach and knows how to handle a pretend QB like Vick.

Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants
My pick: Chicago Bears

The wins against the Lions was a sham. I am a Bears supporter, but Calvin Johnson got robbed on that go-ahead TD. Things are what they are though. A rule saved the Bears from an 0-1 start. They have made the most of it by showing they could have and should have blown out the Lions. Jay Cutler is playing smart football and has 2 INTs in 3 games. That's the kind of start that fills fans with promise. All that said, the Giants are playing sloppy sloppy football. I know the Titans have CJ2K, but they have no QB. The Giants should have owned the Titans, but instead are 1-2 and facing a Bears defense that stood toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers...and won.

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins
My pick: Miami Dolphins

The Patriots are a solid team and the Dolphins look surprisingly tough. The Miami defense is killing people and no one is especially scared of the Pats D. The Dolphins and Pats are both 2-1. Both lost to the Jets who look like contenders. The Patriots got thumped, the Fins lost by 8. I think the NE offense and Miami defense are in for a fight. I don't think the NE defense can stop the Miami offense. Henne is solid, R. Brown is a beast. Good luck Tom, let me know how 3rd place in the East feels.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
My Pick: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens signed Boldin and Houshmandzadeh to give the offense a spark. So far it's done the opposite. 10 points in the first two games isn't a good start. Boldin blew up for 142 yards and 3 TDs against Cleveland...CLEVELAND. Last I checked the Steelers wore black and yellow not brown and orange. The Ravens/Steelers game will be typical. Low scoring, hard knock smash mouth football. I think the difference maker will be the QBs. Batch had a great game against the Bucs, but Batch is the 4th string QB for a reason. Flacco is a future elite QB. Ravens win a close one.