Thursday, September 13, 2012

SFBOM NFL Picks Standings- Week 2

Hey everyone! I'll be posting the updated results for our SFBOM NFL picks throughout this weekend. Results will be updated after the 1pm, 4pm & Sunday/Monday night games!

Here's the Final Overall Standings(after Week 2 completed):
Alexander Vlasov: 23-9
Mark Bodek: 21-11
Joe Morgan: 20-12
Justin Raynor: 20-12
Kevin Jacob: 19-13
Matt Bodek: 19-13
Rod Robinson: 19-13
Danielle Ruffino: 18-14
Mike Farabee: 18-14
Bryan Holland: 18-14
Nickla Roberts: 18-14
Jerry Sorrentino: 18-14
Terri Runnels: 17-15("Against the Grain" winner of Week 2 for the only person who picked Cardinals to beat the Patriots)
Christina Minto: 16-16
Matthew Roblez: 16-16
Madusa: 15-17
Perry Saturn: 15-17
Fred Laurence: 15-17
Pete Farr: 13-19

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