Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The MDB Mania: Super Bowl Edition- 2/2/11

Welcome welcome everyone to the latest posting of the MDB Mania: Super Bowl Edition

The long NFL season will be coming to a end this Sunday, but not before the Green Bay Packers & Pittsburgh Steelers finish it out in what should be a entertaining game to watch. For me, the next best thing after the Redskins making it into a Super Bowl would be seeing my favorite AFC team & NFC team behind the Redskins, playing each other in the Super Bowl. Makes a SB in Cowboys Stadium more bearable to me too, knowing one of their rivals are going to be hoisting the Lombardi trophy in the stadium hehe

I see it being a game being scored by each team in the 20s. I think both defenses are strong enough to make it not a trackmeet but at the same time, the offenses will find ways to score. I like both teams so whoever wins is a win win for me, but I'm going to go with the Green Bay Packers since I feel like Aaron Rodgers is destined for a Super Bowl win. My final score prediction, Packers 26, Steelers 20

One thing I'll say about the Super Bowl that I always find overrated is the commericials. I know the non football fans care more about that and the lame halftime show, but I've noticed over the last couple SB's that the games end up better then the commericials and halftime shows. The commmericials just don't feel like as funny & creative as they use to be like like 15-20 years ago. Give me some good football over dumb ads anyday!

Have fun watching an YELLOW Super Bowl everybody!


Johngy said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Good stuff. I also have a blog and Terri, Tammy and DDP have done promos for it, too.
If you ever want to share a picture of yourself and any celeb, I'd love to run it on my regular Monday feature. I'd include any info/links you wanted.
Check it out when you get a chance and follow it if you like.

Mark B said...

Thanks John! Good to hear from you again. Have a link to it?