Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The MDB Mania- 1/11/11

Hey everyone!

I figured it was time to have the first new blog posting of the year, and what better day to do it then on 1/11/11!

Last weekend in the 1st weekend of the NFL postseason was more nuts then I thought it would be. The Saints/Seahawks game wound up being a total shocker with the Seahawks pulling the upset. I was bummed about that because I really would of rather wanted to see the Saints play the Bears then the Seahawks, since it would of been a better game and I like Drew Brees, but give credit to Seattle. They played like they wanted to win, alot more then the Saints defense apparently.....geez- they made Marshawn Lynch look like Jim Brown in that last TD run they gave up!

I was way happy to see the Philadelphia Eagles lose another postseason playoff game. Their fans deserve it- stay classy Philly fans :D At this point, the NFC team that I'm rooting to see make it to the Super Bowl is the Green Bay Packers. I've always not minded Green Bay & Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QBs and now he's finally getting a chance to shine on the big lights of the playoffs after a win for the first time. At the same time the Atlanta Falcons aren't a team to sleep on either and play great at home. Matty Ice(Matt Ryan) is for real and I can see the winner of the GB/Atlanta being the Super Bowl team. I'm not convinced in the Chicago Bears(to the chargrin of a former co-blogger on here, who the blog is better off without her lazy & coward butt....but anyway lol)

As far as the AFC goes, I wasn't shocked to see the Jets win in Indy. I was rooting for the Chiefs to beat the Ravens- but Cassel played away and now the Ravens play another game against the Steelers. Here We Go Steelers Here We Go! Clap Clap. I still think New England is going to cruise into the Super Bowl and win it all, but if the Jets pull off the upset against them on Sunday- it wouldn't surprise me either

Here are my picks for this weekend's NFL Divisional Playoff games:


Gotta pull for the Steelers here. Pittsburgh has always been my #2 team behind the Redskins since my uncle has always been a Steeler fan

I'm gonna go with the upset and take Green Bay. I think they are getting on a hot streak roll & if the running game plays as good against the Falcons that they did vs the Eagles- its gonna be hard for Atlanta

Last week's win was a 1 week wonder & the Seahawks are a crappy road team- going with the Bears here


Can't go against Tom Brady in the postseason & its the Deion Branch factor! Pats all the way

Hope you all enjoyed my MDB Mania post this week & good luck to everyone on the SFBOM NFL Playoff picks this weekend!


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