Monday, January 2, 2012

The 2011 SFBOM NFL Final Standings

Hey all!
Here are the finalized standings for the 2011 SFBOM NFL Pick'Em Championship

1st Place:) Mark Bodek: 173-83

2nd Place) Joe Morgan: 171-85

3rd Place) Terri's Dad: 170-86

4th Place) Rowdy Roddy Robinson: 163-93

5th Place) Fred Laurence: 162-94

6th Place(2 Way Tie) Terri Runnels & Alex Vlasov: 161-95

7th Place) Jerry Sorrentino: 160-96

8th Place) Kevin Jacob: 157-99

9th Place) Matt Bodek: 154-86(Didn't give Week 17 picks)

10th Place) Mike Farabee: 150-106


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