Thursday, March 10, 2011

The MDB Mania- 3/10/11: The One Month Hiatus is Finito ;)

Hey everyone!

A bit has happened since I last did a new column on here. First off, congrats to the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Like I said in my column before, I was happy either way with whoever was going to win that game, and GB made the bigger plays. More importantly- yay to me on winning the SFBOM Playoff picks! hehe, had a blast with everyone who took part in the NFL picks this year whether regular season or playoff time, and hopefully there will be another season next year barring the NFL lockout

The last month was kinda slow with sports news, February is usually a month in sports thats kinda bleh but March is my favorite month of the year :) My birthday and the NCAA Tournament have always gone hand to hand since they always start right around the same time every year(same with my brother too, his bday is on March 14- the day before me go figure lol) The NCAA Men's Basketball Selection show on CBS is always my favorite show to watch of the year due to the unpredictableness of finding out the bracket & 1st round matchups, and also if some teams make it in and which bubble teams are left out

I saw the Rutgers/St.Johns game yesterday during the Big East Tourney at MSG, and Rutgers got robbed at the end of the game. I know they didn't have a good record this year and aren't going to the NCAA Tourney- but the refs should of done a better job at the end of the game. Check this out

Its good to see NYC basketball back on the rise with St.Johns & The New York Knicks both being relevant again for the first time in forever. Gives me a reason to actually go watch a basketball game at MSG when I visit my brother in NYC in the future ;)

I'll be making a NCAA Tourney themed edition of the MDB Mania here after the bracket will be announced on Sunday night. Glad to be back here doing what I love! :) Take care everybody


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